Available courses

Welcome to the Tajweed Level 1 course. This course is meant for the absolute beginner willing to start Tajweed which linguistically  means beautification/ betterment and is a way to improve our Quranic recitation.

The lessons in this course are easy to follow by all age groups. Exceptionally for children below the age of 10 having an English language barrier, a follow up by an adult or a parent is advisable. There is no age group for this course, adult learners of any age group are most welcomed to join in the course and learning can happen at the learner's own pace. For those who are already well versed with the topic, this course should represent a nice revision for their regular Quran recitations.

Note: To join in you will need to register using a valid email address. For students below the legal age of having an email address, the registration process should be completed by a parent / relative. To start click on the course and add the following code Tajweed2020 under enrolment key is requested.